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’21 KAIST Research day 김문철교수 연구대상 수상 등

2021 KAIST Research day 김문철교수 연구대상 수상 등

지난 5월 25일 개최된 2021 KAIST Research day 행사에서 우리학부 김문철교수가 연구대상을 수상하였고,

R&D 연구성과 10선에 학부 서창호교수, 유회준교수가 선정되는 등 학부교수진의 연구성과가 언론에 소개되었다.

김문철교수는 인공지능(AI)발전이 저품질 영상콘텐츠를 고품질영상으로 변환하는 응용분야에서도 탁월한 성능을 발휘한다는 점에 주목해

AI분야 중 영상 및 화질복원 기술 발전에 크게 기여하였다.


학부구성원들과 함게 수상한 교수님들께 축하와 감사를 드립니다.

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Professor Munchurl Kim is Awarded Research Grand Award for 2021 KAIST Research Day


On the past 25th of May, our department’s professor Munchurl Kim was awarded the Grand Award for the 2021 KAIST Research Day. Professor Changho Suh and Professor Hoi-Jun Yu were also selected for the top 10 R&D research achievements along with various other achievements being introduced in the press.


Professor Kim’s research was highly recognized for AI based methods of enhancing low resolution video to high resolution quality video and has greatly contributed to video and resolution restoration in the field of AI.


We congratulate our department’s students and professors for their research and awards.

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