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EE Co-op Program

EE Co-op Program

EE Co-op Program (Field Training and Education Program)


  • To provide opportunities to outstanding undergraduate students to learn practical engineering skills in an earlier stage of career, and ultimately to educate successful future business entrepreneurs

Structure of the Program

  • Offering major courses during the Summer/Winter session to supplement courses missed during the field training and to provide the knowledge required in the field
  • Conducting a 6-month project during a regular semester and a Summer/Winter session


  • Work in the company, 6-month basis (Regular semester and Summer/Winter session)
  • Up to 1 year during enrollment period (Study – Work alternately)


  • 3rd or 4th year in the undergraduate program

Recognized Credits

  • After completing the 6-month program, 9 credits will be recognized after evaluation
  • Recognized as: Substitution to EE405 (3) / B.S Thesis Research (3) / Elective (3)
  • Only 3 credits (Elective) are recognized for the 2nd time participants.

Application and the Required Documents

  • Required Documents: Application for EE Co-op / Transcript
  • Application Period: A separate announcement will be made.



Q: The partner companies in the program

A: We have the partner companies in the field of HW/SW including network and financial solution, IT consulting, venture capital, and manufacturing of semiconductor and optical network devices. We are in cooperation with small and medium-sized companies and venture companies so that the students can actively participate and learn from the field experience.


Q: Location of the companies and accommodation

A: The partner companies in the program are located mainly in the capital area (Seocho, Bundang) and Daejeon. In case of the companies located in other areas, a stipend that is enough to cover accommodation will be guaranteed. To help with the accommodation, we will also request for cooperation to the companies that can provide accommodation.


Q: Is there any disadvantage for graduation or admission to graduate school?

A: The program is supported and managed by the department so that the program will not hinder the preparation for graduation. Also, the program comprises of Lab (3 credits) + additional 6 credits, so it can cover the credits that can be earned in a regular semester to some extent. Regarding the admission to graduate school, usually, the students with COOP experience will be preferred, making those students competitive in admission.


Q: Is undergraduate-level knowledge enough to work in the company?

A: Specific work plans and information related to the placement department are collected from the company in advance and preliminary individual studies are conducted with regard to the relevant work. Also, since the 6-month is a long enough time, if you are at the academic level of KAIST students, you will be able to learn and utilize the necessary knowledge required in the field.


Q: What are the selection criteria? Is GPA important?

A: Although GPA will be considered during the evaluation, the evaluation will focus more on the relevance to the company of the courses that the students have taken as well as student’s willingness to participate in the program.


Q: The preliminary individual studies

A: Using the two-month Summer/Winter sessions prior to dispatch, students will conduct individual studies in advance of their work in the companies. By referring to the work plan sent by the company in advance, the individual labs will be assigned to the students, and the supervising professor and the teaching assistant will be assigned to conduct efficient and in-depth individual research.