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Citibank is Recruiting Regular Employees

Criteria : New(Regular)

Number of Employment : 00

Location : Seoul and Regional Branches

Category and Qualifications
ㅇ Customer Finance Group
-Graduates of Aug. 2005 and expected graduates of Feb. 2006

Application Process
ㅁ 1st : Document Evaluation
ㅁ 2nd : 1st Interview (will be informed personally)
ㅁ 3rd : Medical Exam (If the applicant passes the 1st interview)
ㅁ 4th : 2nd Interview (If the applicant passes the 1st interview)
ㅁ 5th : Announcement of final accepted applicants
* Date of above process will be definite later.

How to apply : Fill in attached form.

Send the application to : Citi Bank Korea, 39, Da Dong, Joong Gu, Seoul
GCG Human Resources Staff-in-charge
ㅁe-mail :

Documents to turn in
ㅁ Application Form
ㅁ Please fill in the possible working region on the upper part of t도 application form.
(Everything in the form should be filled in: English Test Scores, Grades)

Application Period : 11. 08, 2005(Tue) ~ 11. 21, 2005(Mon)

ㅁ Submitted documents will not be returned.
ㅁ Applicant with false information on the application will not be accepted.
ㅁ Only student who finished their military duty or is exempted from the duty therefore does not have problems in overseas travelling can apply.
ㅁ Additional Documents will be announced for each process.

Manager of Student Affairs Team