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Curriculum Introduction

  • Lecture Title:
    • Electrical Engineering Special Lecture I – “My EE” (My life and career in EE I) (code: EE485 Spring Semester)
    • Electrical Engineering Special Lecture II – “My EE” (My life and career in EE II) (code: EE485 Fall Semester)
  • Eligibility: Electrical Engineering Sophomores(2nd-year undergraduate students)
  • Credit: 1 credit (Major Elective)
  • Schedule: once in every two weeks starting the first week (Wednesdays of odd weeks)
“Upcoming sophomores are the future of our beloved EE family. The lecture class My EE is designed specifically for upcoming EE sophomore students to assist and accommodate their successive first step into EE society”. (EE department chair Moon, Jaekyun)

Major Contents

  • Acquisition of basic knowledge and things EE students must know for better college lives
  • Individual career path design in a fast changing electrical engineering environment
  • Mutually involved seminars and panel talks between students and advising professors


1. What is the eligibility to take this class?

Undergraduate students in electrical engineering major can take this class. Other college major students are not eligible.

2. Would the loads in taking this class be burdensome?

We all know that sophomores are in the busiest moment in their college lives with the early stage of major classes. The department is in a great concern not to impose a burden to those attendees. The class is held once in every two weeks while having a dinner and friendly talks. We believe sparing some time in every two weeks would be a great investment to think about your career path and a fine adaptation into EE fields.

3. How does the class work?

The class is grouped into smaller groups of 20~30 students with an advising professor within each small group taking the lead in talks. Besides the individual group talks, few helpful lectures are provided for all students as well. For instance, there are EE survival guides, career path-related lectures, and so on. The class is designed specifically for sophomore students who would face hardships while taking the first major-related class. You can benefit from our best-suited consultants either from advising professors or from senior students who have already taken more major-related classes ahead of you. Enjoy your time talking to your fellow students while having a smooth adaptation into the EE society.

4. Would the class time overlap with other classes?

The department has been very careful in the schedule not to disrupt other classes. The class is held on Wednesdays for you to take dinner while taking the class. There is no reason to feel strained from taking this class time-wise. (The department already asked a cooperation to the professors not to hold sophomore and junior classes on Wednesday evenings)

5. Is this class offered only in the spring semester?

No. This class will be offered in both spring and fall semesters. If you cannot take the class this semester due to overlapping schedules, you can take the class in the fall semester instead. Nonetheless, since this class is targeted to help the sophomores adapt better to the new environments and have a successful EE life, it is better to take the class as soon as possible.

6. Can students from higher grades take this class?

This class is originally offered for sophomores only. However, there must be a few students from other grades who feel the need to take this class as well. If you are one of those, please register on-line just like any other class. Moe detailed application process is described in the application form. If students from higher grades attend this class, those students will be grouped separately, and more activities specialized for higher grades will be provided.

7. Should My EE Ⅰ and MY EE Ⅱ be taken continuously? How can I apply for credit and enrollment?

My EE Ⅰ and MY EE Ⅱ are independent subjects, so you do not have to take them continuously. You can check the curriculum and opening semester and choose a course that is avaiable to take. If you are interested in exploring life and career in EE more, My EE Ⅰ, Ⅱ simultaneous enrollment is also possible. However, if you apply for My EE I, II simultaneously, you will not be able to enroll in the online system. (Recognized as retry due to code duplication) Do not be afraid, you can apply for enrollment by submitting the course change form (attached form) to the faculty during the course correction period.