Respond, 2004 – Class of ’04 Seong Ryul Baek, Sun Mi Park Alumni

Two alumni from the KAIST Electrical Engineering undergraduate class of ’04 were interviewed about their lives while they were in school and now. We hope that the fellow students of the Department of Electrical Engineering will hear the advices that our alumni have to give.

Q. Please introduce yourselves.

A. Seong Ryul Baek Alumnus: My name is Seong Ryul Baek and I graduated from Jungsan High School in Seoul, graduated from KAIST Department of Electrical Engineering with the class of ’04 for my bachelor’s and again with the class of ’09 for my master’s, and have been working at the DMC R&D Center’s Multimedia Research Team in Samsung Electronics for a year and a half now. I majored in image processing, a branch in signal processing, under the guidance of Prof. Chang Dong Yoo, and have been continuing my research in related fields after starting my work at Samsung. During my time in school, I was the class president for 2 years, in 2006 and 2007.

A. Sun Mi Park Alumnus: My name is Sun Mi Park and I graduated from Gyeonggi Science High School, graduated from KAIST Department of Electrical Engineering with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and am currently in my first year of my doctorate’s program. I am currently preparing for my Ph.D. topic of brain decoding using MRI at the Brain Reverse Engineering and Imaging Lab.


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