KAIS 2nd Graduating Class Sam-Soo Pyo KAIST Director

This year marks the 41st anniversary of the foundation of KAIST. KAIST has been marching forth in the world for this considerable length of time. KAIST’s reputation and status as Korea’s forefront of Science could not have been possible without the care and efforts of numerous individuals, especially when it comes to the immense contributions of the alumni. The various activities that our alumni perform from different parts and classes of society have been the driving force that led KAIST to the status it holds today. These efforts play an important role in the school’s development and everyone should be aware of them. To this end, this fall issue of the EE Newsletter conducted an interview with Director Sam-Soo Pyo, who graduated with the second graduating class from KAIS (KAIST before its integration), to hear about his achievements and contributions as one of Korea’s representative entrepreneurs.

Q. I see that you received your master’s degree from KAIS.

A. That’s right. I graduated with the second graduating class of (Korea Advanced Institute of Science (KAIS). At the time, when I was finishing my undergraduate program, KAIST was founded under the support of the government, and many students sent in their applications to enroll, myself included.

Q. What kind of research did you do in KAIS?

A. I started researching computer science with the start of my master’s program. At the time, I focused on computer simulation and researched numerical analysis.


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