Digital Aria Chang Kwon Lee Alumnus

Once this fall semester ends, many senior students will decide on their paths moving forward. Most undergraduates from KAIST opt to stay to enroll into graduate school or study abroad, rather than look for a job in a conglomerate. Since the number of people looking for a job is relatively low, it may be hard to get information on the preparation for a job hunt. In this winter issue of the EE Newsletter, we interviewed KAIST class of ’04 alumnus, Chang Kwon Lee, for an opportunity to answer some of the questions regarding to finding a job.

Q. Could you give a brief introduction to Digital Aria?

A. Digital Aria is a startup company that supplies Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions to various imbedded 2D/3D multimedia platforms. In simpler terms, we provide and do research into GUIs for imbedded devices in order to make the user interaction more fluid and enjoyable.

We provide our GUI solutions to various products, like the LG Cookie Plus, Samsung Nori, AMOLED and other feature phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab e-book, KT TAKE I and II, music players for the LG Optimus 2X, and other smart devices. We also do business with international companies like China’s Huawei and Japan’s Sharp and Kenwood. We are a company that constantly looks for a new market to enter into and boasts a bright and outgoing identity.


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