Hyundai Heavy Industries Gun Baek Alumnus

The 2011 KAIST Job Fair was held on September 8th and 9th. Many of the students from the graduating class were present to get information on various companies looking for applicants. Most undergraduate students of the Department of Electrical Engineering only vaguely think about getting a job in a major company and it is a fact that most graduates don’t end up looking for a job immediately. As a result, most soon-to-be graduates have difficulty finding the right information to prepare for a job hunt. To answer a few of the questions regarding the preparation for getting a job, we interviewed class of ’04 alumnus, Gun Baek.

Q. Could you give a brief introduction to Hyundai Heavy Industries?

A. In the beginning, Hyundai Heavy Industries started out as a shipbuilding company, after acquiring a contract from Europe and building a shipyard in Ulsan. At the time of its foundation, not many companies were in the shipbuilding business, and so the company held an advantageous position in the market. As time went on and more companies joined the competition, we branched out into a variety of projects regarding oceanographic, mechanical, electrical, and engine systems. In a word, it is a multidisciplinary heavy industry company.


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