Ubimos Technologies President Dong Hyuk Ju Alumnus

Q. Please introduce yourself.

A. I graduated from Seoul National University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1974. In the same year, I entered KAIST (at that time, KAIST was called KAIS) for a master’s degree. I majored in semiconductors and under the guidance of Professor Choong-Ki Kim, I designed and fabricated Charge Coupled Device and experimentally verified its characteristics. With these results, I graduated from KAIST in 1976.

Q. What is KAIST America?

A. KAIST America is a KAIST alumni association located in the US. With the financial support from Jongmun Lee, the chairman of Ambex Venture Group, we opened an office in Sunnyvale, and it is currently located in San Jose. The main activities of KAIST America include raising of KAIST development fund and promotion of international cooperation in both research and education. Approximately 430 alumni have joined the website (www.kaistamerica.net), most of whom are working in the US.


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