Q. What is the purpose of the establishment of the ISSCC KAIST Alumni?

A. Frankly speaking, the students at KAIST do not fully understand the academic excellence of their alma mater. Judging by the number of papers published in ISSCC, KAIST is ranked the first and is also comparable to other major universities abroad. I hope the students can take this opportunity to be more proud of their alma mater.

Q. In what direction do you wish ISSCC KAIST Alumni to advance in the following years?

A. I wish that this event will be a good opportunity for the fellow students and alumni to get together and gather information regarding papers and job positions, as well as socialize. Relative to other universities in Korea, KAIST students failed to develop the sense of bonding with one another, and this acts as a disadvantage of KAIST in one’s career. I hope ISSCC KAIST Alumni can play an important role in bringing positive effects.


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