Hongki Kang Alumnus

Q. What do you think are the unique characteristics of the University of California, Berkeley?

A. The UCB has a long history in the fields of silicon semiconductors. It was impressive to watch that even with all the achievements they have made, the UCB still strives to pave the way for future researches. Further, other fields of engineering are also very renowned for their excellence and I thought this would be the perfect place for collaborative research.

Q. Based on your year-long experience at the UCB, please tell us about the unique curriculum and research conducted in the UCB.

A. There is a program named The Management of Technology (MOT) Certificate Program, which is a collaborative program with the UCB HAAS Business School. It is designed for the graduate students majoring in engineering or science, and upon completion of certain business courses, the students are granted the certificate. It is of great help for those who are interested in starting a company after receiving M.S. or Ph.D. degree.


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