Lumicomm CEO Jeong-Hoon Ko Alumnus

Q. Tell us how you came to found Lumicomm.

A. I worked at ETRI for 18 years until the year 2000. At the same time, I completed the Ph.D. course at KAIST and graduated in 1998. At first, I was appointed as the head of research center at a company called “IT”. Although the company went public, due to much too bold investments, it had to discontinue the business. The main members of the team gathered up to seek a second chance and that was the beginning of Lumicomm.

Q. What do you think are the characteristics of the CEOs with engineering background?

A. Running a large firm as a CEO with engineering background may be somewhat disadvantageous. However, it may not be the case for a group where the internal stability is more important than the mere size of the group, such as venture companies. Especially, if the company were to run business based on development of technologies, CEO needs to be fully aware of their product. In this case, having an engineering background will come in handy.


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