IBM Jong Hyuk Cho and Intel Woong-Hwan Ryu Alumni

Q. What were your research topics for your Ph.D. courses and what made you decide going abroad?

A. (Choi) I studied the system architecture of High Performance Computing (HPC) at KAIST. Further, I took a part in designing high performance parallel computers such as KAICUBE, Habit under the guidance of Professor Kyu Ho Park and Professor Tag-Gon Kim. After my visit to IBM in 1998, I conducted research at the IBM laboratory on Power 4 processor-based multi-processor architecture, as part of KAIST-IBM joint research. I joined IBM Watson laboratory in 2001 as a research staff member at the systems department. IBM had always been attractive to me as I was captivated by how much they value creativity.

A. (Ryu) My thesis dealt with signal integrity and power integrity analysis of high-speed clock distribution network using RF technologies. My advisor, Professor Joungho Kim, always encouraged students to attend international conferences and have cooperation and exchanges with laboratories from all over the world. After my Ph.D. proposal, I spent a year as a visiting researcher at GINTC, a state-operated research laboratory in Singapore. Thanks to this experiences, I came in contact with a number of American companies and also got an offer from Intel.


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