Ryu, Seung-Tak Ryu, Seung-Tak


Ph.D.(2004) KAIST


  • "An 8.6 ENOB 900MS/s Time-Interleaved 2b/cycle SAR ADC with a 1b/cycle Reconfiguration for Resolution Enhancement", ISSCC (2013) 
  • "A 6-b 4.1-GS/s Flash ADC with Time-Domain Latch Interpolation in 90-nm CMOS", JSSC (2013)
  • "A Replica-Driving Technique for High Performance SC Circuits and Pipelined ADC Design", TCASII (2013)
  • "Method and apparatus for digital error correction for binary successive approximation ADC", US Patent 7986253 (2009)
  • "Method and apparatus digital error correction of successive approximation analog to digital converter", KOR Patent 2008-0107657 (2008)
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