[Prof. Zeungnam Bien] was appointed IFSA Fuzzy Fellow

▲ Prof. Zeungnam Bien, Dept. of EE, KAIST
[Prof. Zeungnam Bien was appointed IFSA Fuzzy Fellow]

International Fuzzy Systems Association, IFSA has appointed its Fuzzy Fellow who is excellent in Fuzzy set and the relevant areas, developing the cutting-edge applied technology in the Fuzzy field.

On behalf of IFSA, its Fuzzy Fellows Committee has appointed 36 Fellows who were evaluated on the basis of their excellent technical achievement in Fuzzy area so far, since it started at the World Congress in Prague, 1997.

Professor Zeungnam Bien in our department was in charge of the chair of IFSA formerly.

He is going to be offiicially awarded Fuzzy Fellowship at the IFSA World Congress supposed to be held in Mexico Cancun in June this year.
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