Department of Electrical Engineering has over 600 enrolled students. In order to promote friendship among these 500
students and let them have a convenient EE life, some students need to step up as representatives and carry out a num-
-ber of events. As a result, the department student representative committee is formed to promote friendship, welfare,
and communication of their fellow EE students. The committee is comprised of 8 students in total - 4 students (student
president, male student vice president, female student vice president, and manager) from the 2nd and 3rd grade.

Major activities

  1. Preparation of Departmental Events (Workshop, Track Meet, BBQ Party, and so forth)
  2. Introduction and Promotion of EE (Freshmen Seminar, End-of-year Department Introduction, and so forth)
  3. Representing the EE department in the student society (Central Steering Committee, Student Representative Assembly, and so forth)
  4. Gathering students' opinions for development of the department


2021 Departmental Student Representative Committee Members


Hello, I'm Kang Shin-jae, selected as the EE department representative of sophomore students! I will do my best to make sure that fellow students enjoy your EE life and develop your dreams in EE. Thank you :D

Hello, EE students! I'm Kwak Seohyeon, the vice student representative of EE sophomores. I will actively communicate with EE students through various media and do my best in my duties. And I will work hard to create an enjoyable and beneficial EE campus life through charming ideas and feedback from fellow students.

Hello, I'm Cho Jae-hee, the sophomore vice student representative of the EE department. I will work hard for your satisfying and happy campus life in EE!


Hello, EE students! I'm Huh Chan, the sophomore vice student representative of the EE department. I will work hard for the convenience and welfare of EE fellow students. I will do my best for EE, the best undergraduate department of KAIST!


Previous Departmental Student Representative Members (2020)

Hello, I am Na-Yeon Jeong, the 19th departmental student representative of KAIST EE. I ran for the student representative since I have always wanted to serve for the happy and enjoyable academic life of all the students in our department, and thankfully I earned the duty. I would like to build an active student council that considers practical solutions for solving problems. I will show you the amazing KAIST EE where your imagination becomes a reality. Thank you!

Hello, KAIST EE students! I am Won-Jun Lee, the 19th vice student representative of KAIST EE. I have joined the student representative council since I like meeting new people. We would work hard to ensure that each and every one of you is satisfied. I will try my best that all of you guys to have a life full of joy while you are in the KAIST EE!

Hello, KAIST EE fellow students! I am Hoon-Jun Lee, the 19th vice student representative of KAIST EE. I will work hard for the interests and welfare of KAIST EE students during my term of office. We will do our best to prove that your choice to be a member of KAIST EE has been the best choice. Thank you!

Hello, KAIST EE fellow students! I am Jae-Won Lim, the 19th vice student representative of KAIST EE. We will always listen to the voices of fellow students and do our best to provide the welfare and benefits that commensurate with the large department. We will also work for the fascinating and meaningful college life of KAIST EE students.


Previous Departmental Student Representative Members (2019)

    Hyeon Ryu
    Hello everyone I am Ryu-Heon, the sophomore student representative head of the School of Electrical Engineering. I believe our department provides a great deal of benefits and opportunities, but I also think there is plenty of room for improvement for such a big department. I will try to improve our department by focusing on individual students' issues rather than just the entire departments issues. I will try my best to make all students become proud of our department. Thanks!
  • Jaehyun Kim
    Hello all students of EE!. I am the student representative general affairs manager Jaehyeon Kim. I applied for the student representative council to make our department a greater group. I will put my efforts with the student council for the students to have more opportunities and get closer to each other. We are always open to inconveniences and other issues and will put great effort to improve them. Thank you!
  • SeungBin Shin
    Dear students of EE! I am student representative vice-head SeungBin Shin. I will do my best to make our department more friendly and provide opportunites for social relating. Thank you!
  • SeongHoon Jeong
    Hello everyone I am student representative vice-head SeongHoon Jeong. For my term of the next 2 years I will try to provide more benefits for our students and also improve anything related to students' curriculum and studies. I will always be ready for anybody's help. Thanks!
  • Jaehyun Kwak

    Hello, EE students, I am the EE student president, a third grade student. I began to do my best to sacrifice for you, not to gain something. We will strive to create an electronic engineering department that lively and friendly atmosphere. I will be responsible from begining to the end. Thank you :)


  • Gwangoo Yeo

    Hello, I am Gwangoo Yeo, a thrid grade general manager. I apply the representative committee since I like to meet people and plan activities. I will try to make our department, EE, that can make everyone feel comfortable and will try to create a friendly environment! If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, please feel free to contact us! Thank you:)



  • So Yeon Kim

    Hello, I am So Yeon Kim, the 3rd grade vice president.

    I will work hard for the students! Let’s go EE!


  • Ji-yoon Park

    Hello students of EE, I am Ji-yoon Park, the 3rd grade vice president. I will try to make you feel the joy of life with the new classmates, especially with the high-level class in the EE department. I will serve as a vice president in committe. I will listen carefully to anyone who has a problem. I will do my best to become a warm-hearted EE people. I will work hard, trust me!


  • Hyung-heon Cha

    Hello EE students! I am Hyung-heon Cha, second year president. Thanks you for voting to us, I will work as a representative of the EE department. For the next two years, I will work diligently with my sincere attitude, and I will show you a good look so that the name 'EE president' will not be ashamed. We will do our best to cooperate with the vice president and other executive members of student council to make a proud electronic engineering department for everyone. Thank you!


  • Ji-yoon Lim

    Hi, I am Ji-yoon Lim, the general manger of second year. Even there are many students in the department of electronics, I will make an electronics department where all of you can enjoy many benefits and happiness. I will do my best for your joyful academic life. Thank you!



  • Subin Choi

    Hello, I’m Subin Choi, second year vice president. As we are in a EE department with many people, we will listen to your opinions carefully and strive to satisfy you as we can. We are always waiting for you with an open mind, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions! : D



  • Dongki Han

    Hello students of EE. I am Dongki Han, vice president of second year. As there are many students in our department, I think that the communication is important. We will continue to provide good programs and meeting opportunities that students can have more enjoyable atomosphere. I’m pleased to be here with you. Thank you!



Hwang Hyunjin

Dear EE students, I'm Hyunjin Hwang and I am the EE student president of the class of 2019. I joined the EE student representative committee to facilitate communication among students. I will always strive to work as the student president that best serves you.










Park Juhyung

Hello EE students, my name is Juhyung Park. I am  the male EE student, vice president in 2019. As you may know, EE is one of the largest departments at KAIST, and I decided to work as a student representative to help many EE members for better campus life through meaningful communication. The committee will always try to work as a seamless stepping bridge between the students, professors, and staffs. I look forward to your kind cooperation, thank you.


Shin Jiyun

Dear all, my name is Jiyun Shin, and I'm the female EE student vice president of the class of 2019. I originally applied for the vice presidency to simply make friends; however, since now I become the EE student vice president, I would like to act accordance with my title, helping my fellow EE students to make better EE life. Thank you so much ^-^


Kim Younsung

Dear all, my name is Younsung Kim, and I'm currently serving as as the EE student manager of the class of 2019. I love to make friends with new people. I joined the student representative committee to help students to have better EE experience.I will try my best to help you all have happy EE life as your representative. By the way there are many fun events held by committe so don't miss out any of them! Thank you! :D


Kwak Jaehyun

Hello fellow EE students, I am Jaehyun Kwak. I am here as committee member not to get something in return but to make better EE life. I will be responsible to build an active and family-like  mood among EE students. Thank you :).


Kim Jaehan

Hello EE students! I am Jaehan Kim EE student vice president. I am here to help you EE students to enjoy every single events of EE department and help you carry out happy and comfortable EE life. As a committee member and also as a student I will try to come up with what is needed to fellow students and make EE department that everyone else will be jealous of. Thank you!


Park Jiyun

Hello my fellow EE students! I am  Jiyun Park EE student vice president. I will help you have satisfactory EE life not only in high quality lectures but also in  many activities with new friends from EE!. I will be approaching and listening vice president to make EE warm and welcoming  for all fellows. Trust me! 


Yeo Gwangoo

Hi all EE students I am vice president Gwangoo Yeo.I joined committee since I love to interact with people and manage and plan events. I will try my best to make friednly committee to all EE members and to help every member feel at home. Let me know if there is anything to say to committee and be friends with me:)  

We will do our best to live up to our slogan: "Center of the world, KAIST, Powerful EE." If you have experienced any inconvenience or have any request, please feel free to contact the the student representatives. Thank you :)
'16 Student President of the Department of Electrical Engineering , Gwang-Hyun Lee


Previous Departmental Student Representative Members (2016)

Lee Guanghyun


Shin Donghun


Kang Minkyeong


Kim Gunhee