Announcement for Student Scholarship from KAIST Alumni Scholarship Foundation

To: 2nd year undergraduates in EE (in Spring 2016)


If you are interested in the student scholarship funded by KAIST Alumni Scholarship Foundation, please submit the application form to the department office later than Friday, February 19, 2016.


1. Eligibility

1) 2nd year undergraduate students in Spring 2016 who enrolled in the second semester

2) Low Income Family Scholarship: Students in financial hardship (single-parent family, Grandparent-Grandchildren Family)

3) Scholarship for Excellence: Students with excellent potentials

4) KAIST Alumni and Student Association Scholarship: For ones who actively participated in KAIST Alumni/Student Association activities, For ones who actively worked for Student Union.


2. Amount of Scholarship: 4 Million KRW / year (excluding time taken for military service, leave of absence or expulsion)


3. Application Documents: Application form (attachment), Academic transcript, Proof of financial difficulty (with supporting documentation)

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