Studying Abroad - UC Berkeley Kangwook Lee Alumnus Interview

KAIST Electrical Engineering students have always been interested in studying abroad. However, getting the right information to do so is not easy. Past information may not be accurate anymore and they are different for each country and school. In this 2015 Fall issue of the EE Newsletter, we interviewed a fellow alumnus, Kangwook Lee, who is currently studying at UC Berkeley enrolled in their joint Master’s-Ph.D. program, to ask about his recent experience with living and studying abroad. The interview was conducted in writing due to distance and time difference issues

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Firstly, thank you for accepting this interview. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Kangwook Lee and I graduated from KAIST EE with the undergraduate class of ’06. I started my joint Master’s-Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley during the Fall of 2010 and am on my 6th year. I work at the Berkeley Laboratory of Information and System Sciences (BLISS) and my research interests are Information Theory, Signal Processing, Distributed Storage and Computing Systems.

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