Satrec Initiative CEO Byungjin Kim Alumnus

Satrec Initiative is a startup that manufactures small satellites. Even though it is a small company of around 200 employees and a track record of 15 years, its technical prowess has allowed the startup to position itself as the world’s 3rd small satellite manufacturer, after the UK’s SSTL and France’s Airbus D&S. In this startup special of the EE Newsletter, we interviewed alumnus Byungjin Kim, CEO of Satrec Initiative.

Q. Please briefly introduce yourself and your company.

A. My name is Byungjin Kim, I graduated with the class of ’86, and I am the CEO of Satrec Initiative, a satellite development company. I started Satrec Initiative with my coworkers at the KAIST Satellite Technology Research Center back in January of 2000. The name of the company was inspired by the name of the research center we were working at, and we sell small observational satellites.

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