Maintenance and operation schedule for initiating the new INTRANET system

1. New INTRANET initiation

Along with the newly updated department website in last July, the new INTRANET system will be available in upcoming February 2, 2017. Click the INTRANET button on the right-top side of the main department website ( with a KAIST Portal login account to use the new INTRANET system, just as before. The temporary “ee-new” prefix in the website domain will be changed to the ordinary “ee” prefix with the scheduled maintenance time.   

The design and UI have entirely been changed, and are also available in English. Newly available functions include Lecture Selection, Survey, and Free Bulletin Board menus, as well as Seminar Room Reservation, Master’s degree advising professor appointment status, and Materials menus that have already been available before. Lecture Selection menu is only available for professors. In the Survey menu, one can put a survey on a public/private basis, while in the Free Bulletin Board menu, one can write any article with one’s name or in anonymous to provide a room for free discussions.    


  2. Maintenance and operation schedule notification

The website will be temporarily unavailable for initiating the new INTRANET system. The scheduled maintenance time is from January 30, 2017 (Mon.) to February 1, 2017 (Wed.) (3 days).

In this period, seminar room reservation will be unavailable. Please make a reservation ahead for early February reservations. ( -> "INTRANET button on the right-top side until Jan. 29)

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