(Nov 7) An Integrated Ultra-High-Q Resonator for Optical Clocks, and Synthesizers

  • Subject
    An Integrated Ultra-High Q Resonator for Optical Clocks, and Synthesizers
  • Date
    2017.11.07 (Tue) 13:00-14:00
  • Speaker
    Dr. Ki Youl Yang (Caltech)
  • Place
    E3-2 #2216

Integrated nonlinear photonics can potentially revolutionize instrumentation, time standards, spectroscopy, and navigation.
This talk will review the nonlinear optics in integrated photonic platforms, and discuss the recent progresses on an integrable soliton frequency comb and Brillouin laser [1-2]. 
In addition, applications to on-chip optoelectronic systems including optical frequency synthesizer and optical clock will be covered in this talk [3].

 [1] K.Y. Yang, et al. Nature Photonics 10, 316-320 (2016).  
 [2] K.Y. Yang, et al. arXiv 1702.05076 (2017).
 [3] D.T. Spencer, et al. arXiv 1708.05228 (2017).



Kiyoul Yang received the B.S. and M.S. degrees from KAIST (advisor: Prof. Kyung Cheol Choi), and the Ph.D. degree from Caltech (advisor: Prof. Kerry J. Vahala), all in Electrical Engineering. He starts his appointment at Stanford as nano- and quantum science & engineering postdoctoral fellow in December 2017 (advisor: Jelena Vuckovic).

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