Prof. Dan-Keun Sung selected as a fellow memer of KAST

Prof. Dan-Keun Sung was selected as a fellow member of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology(KAST).

A new membership badge will be awarded at KAST's New Year's ceremony held on Jan. 2018.

KAST is the institution with the most distinguished scientists in Korea, driving force in advacing and globalizing nation's academic activities in science and techonology.

Also KAIST is a nongovernmental academic institution dedicated to research, evaluation and consultation for national science and technology policies, and plays a major role in promoting public understanding in matters of science and technology and in creating a social climate where scientists and engineers are respected.

Term for fellow member is until 70 years of age and qualificiations are as follows: 25 years or more of experience in the field of naturla sciences or engineering, or related fields with an excellent records of achievement.

We really congratulate Prof. Dan-Keun Sung to be selected as a fellow member of KAIST.

Thank you.

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