Recruiting from Samgsung SDS

Recruiting from Samgsung SDS

Date: 2018.5.23 (Wed) ~ 5.24 (Thu), 10:00 ~ 17:00

Where: E3 CS Lounge

For: Doctoral degree (scheduled) or Post-Doc

      Master's degree (scheduled) and hold a business career for more than 6 years

      Who wish to work in the future with a master degree (planned)

Field: Cloud, Security, AI, Data Science, Blockchain and etc.

Major: Computational, Electrical Engineering, Information and Communcation Engineering, Bio and brain engineering, Industrical and Systems Enginering, Physics, Mathematics, and related majors

Counseling: If you are interested in recruiting, please fill out the application form below and send it by email until 5.20 (Sun)

Contact: Samsung SDS Kyungeun Kim (, 02-6155-1871), Suyoung Kim (, 02-6155-1522)

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