Professor Moon Gun-Woo's Laboratory Students awarded Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award from the Korean Institute of Power Electronics

Ph.D. candidate Kim Gun-woo (Advisor: Moon Gun-woo) awarded Best Paper Award from the Korean Institute of Power Electronics 2018.

Also, Lim Cheon Yong, Han Jung Kyu, Lee Young Dal, Kim Keon Woo awarded Best Presentation Award from the Korean Insitute of Power Electronics 2018.



Winner: Kim, Keon Woo

Title: Zero-Voltage Switching Three-Level Converter Reduces Rectification Voltage Stress Using Coupled Inductors

Award: Best Paper Award, Best Presentation Award


Winner: Lim Cheon Yong

Title: New Phase Modulated PWM Full Bridge Converter with High Efficiency, High Density for Electric Car Battery Charging

Award: Best Presentation Award


Winner: Han Jung Kyu,

Title: Asymmetric half-bridge converter with high efficiency over a wide input voltage range

Award: Best Presentation Award


Winner: Lee Young Dal

Title: Soft switchable totem pole bridgeless power factor compensation circuit

Award: Best Presentation Award

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