Ph.D. Student Tae-In Lee, a Researcher in Professor Byung-Jin Cho's Lab, Earned Recognition at the 26th Korean Semiconductor Science Congress

Ph.D. student Tae-In-Lee, a researcher in Professor Byung-Jin Cho's lab, won the top prize at the 26th Korean Semiconductor Science Congress.

The prize-winning paper was entitled, "EOT scaling (~5.7Å) using Y-ZrO2 gate dielectric in Ge-based element, and reduction of leakage current and interfacial trap."

Tae-In Lee surpassed the existing material and process method by using an insulating membrane called Y-doped ZrO2 and H2 high-pressure annealing to achieve the world's highest level of 5.7Å (5.7 nm), and developed an excellent, very low gate structure.


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