The Research of Ph.D. Student Kim Seong-Yeon in Professor Yoo Seung-Hyup's Lab on Advanced Materials Technologies

The research of Ph.D. student Kim Seong-Yeon, a researcher in Professor Yoo Seung-Hyup's lab, was published as a cover article in Advanced Materials Technologies on February 8th.

The title of article is, "Organic Vapor‐Jet Printing with Reduced Heat Transfer for Fabrication of Flexible Organic Devices".

Organic vapor-jet printing (OVJP) with reduced heat transfer is described by Yoo Seung-Hyup and co-workers. The method realizes direct, ink‐free formation of organic thin‐film patterns on plastic substrates. With a semi‐permanent, stable, low‐emissivity coating based on electroplated gold layers, the proposed OVJP is proven to be highly-effective in the additive fabrication of flexible devices such as the flexible organic tactile sensor array.

This study is expected to be applied to flexible OLED displays and flexible organic electronics manufacturing processes.


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