13 Awards from the 25th Samsung Electronics Human Tech Paper Award

On February 13th, the ceremony for Samsung Electronics Human Tech Paper Award was held, and our department was selected as the most submitted and the most award.

Our department awarded 14 awards the grand prize including the grand prize, one gold prize, three silver prizes, six bronze prizes, three encouragement prizes.

The list of the prize winners and the title of the papers are provided below. 

We sincerely congratulate all the prize winners with outstanding performances.  

The 25th Samsung Electronics Human Tech Prize Winners
 Name Advisor Prize Title of the Paper
Jinseok Park, Seungchan Lee Songcheol Hong Grand Prize A 28GHz 20.3% Transmitter Efficiency Beamforming Front-End IC with Dual-Vector Variable Gain Phase Shifters
Junghoon Park Kyoungsik Yu Gold Prize Integration of Metasurface and Photodetectors for Electrical Analysis of Circular Polarized Light
Wissam J. Baddar Yong Man  Ro Silver Prize Mode Variational LSTM Robust to Unseen Modes of Variation: Application to Facial Expression Recognition
Kwantae Kim, Minsu Kim, Yongsu Lee, Ji-Hoon Kim Hoi-Jun Yoo Silver Prize A 0.5V, 9.26 μW, 15.28 mΩ/√Hz Bio-Impedance Sensor IC with 0.55º Overall Phase Error
Jin-Hwan Jung, Joon Ki Hong Yung Yi Silver Prize On Self-configuring Dual Radios for IoT: A Cross-Layer Approach
Jae-Shin Lee, Kwang-Wook Choi, Jae-Young Yoo, Min-Seung Jo Jun-Bo Yoon Silver Prize Palladium Nanowire with Stress-Engineered Structure for Wide Range of H2 detection with High Durability
Kinam Kwon Hyun Wook Park Bronze Prize Unsupervised Learning for Metal Artifacts Correction in MRI using Dual-Polarity Readout Gradients
Sangwoo Mo Jinwoo Shin Bronze Prize InstaGAN: Instance-aware Image-to-Image Translation
Cheon Yong Lim, Jung Kyu Han, Moo Hyun Park, Keon Woo Kim Gun-Woo Moon Bronze Prize Development of High-Efficiency Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter Topology for Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles
Dae Woo Kim, Sang Woo Moon, Wan Ju Kang, David Hostallero Yung Yi Bronze Prize Learning to Schedule Communication in Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Hyukyun Kwon, Jaewon Ha Seunghyup Yoo Bronze Prize Organic vertical phototransistor for highly responsive and power efficient photodetectors
Nahmil Koo  SungHwan Cho Bronze Prize A Biopotential Amplifier Tolerant to 30Vpp Common-Mode Interference for Two-electrode ECG Recording
Youngdong Kim, Junho Yim, Juseung Yun Junmo Kim Encouragement Prize Negative Learning: Indirect Learning: Indirect Learning Method for Uncertain Data
Jinsu Lee, Juhyoung Lee, Donghyeon Han, Gwangtae Park Hoi-Jun Yoo Encouragement Prize LNPU: A Sparse Deep-Neural-Network Learning Processor with Fine-grained Mixed Precision of FP8-FP16
Woojun Kim, Myungsik Cho Youngchul Sung Encouragement Prize Message-Dropout: An Efficient Training Method for Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
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