Professor June-Koo Rhee’s presentation about quantum computing was reported in IT Chosun

Professor June-Koo Rhee’s presentation at ‘2018 Pre Smart Cloud Show: Commercialization of Quantum Computing’ was reported in IT Chosun

Quantum computing is getting a lot of attention as it is an opportunity to develop the rapid computing performance that goes beyond Moore’s law. Currently, the quantum computing in the R&D stage can be implemented only in a laboratory environment. However, some of the key technologies for implementing them such as superconductivity have already been transferred to the engineering stage.

In this talk, Professor June-Koo Rhee said, “While optimism and pessimism coexist, such as the point that the current encryption system may be broken when the quantum computing is put into practical use, there is no disagreement in observation that the quantum computing will grow into the key technology for overcoming the limit at the stage of the completion of the fourth industrial revolution. In order to bring the quantum computing science to the stage of engineering, we must constantly invest in basic research.”

In this lecture, the vision and commercialization of quantum computing technology were introduced. For more information, please refer to the link below.

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