Professor Chang-Ik Kim’s research group awarded the 1st Prize at the 2017 Samsung Fire Machine Learning Challenge

Professor Chang-Ik Kim’s research group(Hyun-jun Eun, Jong-Hee Kim, Jin-Soo Kim) awarded the 1st prize at the 2017 Samsung Fire & Marine Machine Learning Challenge for graduate students.

This competition is a contest that compares recognition accuracy and speed by developing a model to detect and recognize Hangul on road signs. The 1st Prize was awarded to the KAIST CIL team, which achieved the highest accuracy and fastest speed among the 60 participating teams. The 2nd Prize and the 3rd Prize were awarded to Korea University and Seoul National University.

Task: Each participant / team must develop and submit a model for recognizing and extracting Hangul in images using the learning data provided for this project. The organizer will evaluate the recognition rate and speed of the submitted model for 10,000 unlisted test data.

Qualification: Graduate student (Korean nationals or overseas Koreans who are in master's / Ph.D programs at Korean universities.)

Date: 2017.05.12~2017.11.09

Host: Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Operation: Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Internet U & A Center - Analytics Lab

Award: 1st prize (10million won)



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