Professor Eui-Jong Whang joined the panel discussion at “AI with Google 2018” conference

Professor Eui-Jong Whang of our department made a presentation and participated in a panel discussion with industry experts at the 'AI with Google 2018' conference, sharing ideas and challenges about AI innovation under the theme 'AI for All'.

In this event, Dr. Jeff Dean, Head of Google AI gave a keynote lecture and Professor Eui-Jong Whang was the only one from academia who participated in the event and gave a presentation on 'AI Research and Talent Development at KAIST''. In the following panel discussion, they shared their knowledge of AI innovation and our future challenges.

Professor Whang had worked as a researcher at Google Lab for 5 years. He had collaborated on developing the data infrastructure of TensorFlow Extended Machine Learning Platform and published his research at ACM SIGKDD paper and ACM SIGMOD tutorial.



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