Professor Changho Suh joined KAIST-Google co-development of the AI course.

KAIST and Google planned to develop the AI (Artificial Intelligence) course. Prof. Changho Suh in the department of electrical engineering and Prof. Yoon Yong-Jin in the department of mechanical engineering joined the development, and the development is conducted through the arrangement between KAIST and Google last July for the train of brilliant students.

Those two professors are going to develop the course of using Google technologies, such as TensorFlow, Google Cloud, and Android, for a year, and 7,500 USD will be funded on each subject. 

For the development of the AI course, the graduate school of AI held a contest to all faculties at KAIST from August for a month. In the contest, Prof. Suh's TensorFlow for Information theory and convex optimization courses, and Prof. Yoon's AI convergence application of PBL (project-based learning) were selected.

Prof. Suh will instruct the discipline of information theory and convex, which are based not only on AI, machine learning, and deep-learning, but also pure science and engineering. His goal is to nurture students talented in AI by using his accumulated theories applied to TensorFlow.

Also, this course development is accompanied by AI Focused Research Awards which support eminent faculties who conduct state-of-the-art research through the partnership between KAIST and Google.

Prof. Whang Euijong is utilizing 25,000 USD funding, which is awarded this year and last year, for the research. Faculties in our department are cooperating with various kinds of businesses such as Google, producing active synergy effects.



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