Professor Hyun Myung's Lab won the Best Prize at KSCE Convention Drone Image Challenge for civil Infrastructures

Professor Hyun Myung's laboratory participated in the KSCE 2019 CONVENTION drone image challenge for civil infrastructures and won the best prize. Sung-Wook Chung, Ph.D. candidate, and Seung-Won Song, Ph.D. candidate have participated and achieved the brilliant results of winning the best prize. The challenge was organized by the Korean Society of Civil Engineers, and the assessed based on image video data and other video data of social infrastructure taken using drones. The video presented by Hyun Myung's Lab was taken with technology that enables drones to autonomously fly and map with the help of vision and LiDAR sensors without GPS. You can watch related videos from the challenge through the YouTube link below. Congratulations on the award, and we look forward to future achievements.


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