Professor Changho Suh and Prof. Hyunjoo Lee received the 2nd Readers’ Choice Award by the engineering school

Our engineering school held the Readers’ Choice Award ceremony. In the ceremony, Professor Changho Suh and Professor Hyunjoo Lee were selected in 2019 spring and autumn, respectively.

The ceremony was at the council chamber of the engineering school on Jan 15th. Including Prof. Choongsik Bae and Prof. Sung-Yool Choi, who is the dean and the deputy head of the engineering school respectively, a cadre of professors participated in the ceremony.

Readers’ Choice Award is for a researcher who enhanced the reputation of the engineering school by promoting research achievement on ‘KAIST Breakthroughs’, which is a Research Webzine published from 2014.

This ceremony was secondly planned, and the best research achievement was voted among the articles which are published in 2019.

This is significantly meaningful because two winners belong to our department. We wish diverse accomplishment to be promoted for further notable articles. 


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