Professor Sung‐Yool Choi Team's Research Posted as Inside Back Cover Paper on 'Advanced Science'

Our department Professor Sung‐Yool Choi and material science department Professor Il-Doo Kim's joint research has been posted as the inside back cover paper for 'Advanced Science' journal published this April 8th, title as "Low‐Thermal‐Budget Doping of 2D Materials in Ambient Air Exemplified by Synthesis of Boron‐Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide".

The research shows that photothermal processing can be performed on graphene, a well known 2-dimensional material, on a low thermal budget in air. In the suggested procedure, graphene was doped by boron and achieved a similar concentration that usually obtained via a long procedure in a vacuum system. The procedure can be applied to large areas enabling mass production.

The article can be found in the link below.


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