Professor June-Koo Rhee’s (Director of KAIST AI Quantum Computing ITRC Center) interview was reported in Korea IT newspaper.

An interview of Professor June-Koo Rhee (Director of KAIST AI Quantum Computing ITRC Center) was reported in Korea IT newspaper yesterday.
The interview is mostly about the point that quantum computing technology is a core technology of the nation. The center director pointed out that a strategic approach is vital for development of quantum technology. He also explained that Korea's quantum cryptography technology has a global competitiveness in the private sector.
The world's first quantum security mobile phone, "Galaxy A Quantum," which is recently launched by SK Telecom also shows the competitiveness of Korea in the field of quantum computing technology. The center director also said that private companies not only focus on technology development but also constantly promote commercialization. However, he pointed out that the gap between domestic and overseas technology is still large in the field of computing and sensor, and also emphasized the importance of the development of professional personnel for quantum computing.
You can find detailed interview articles of the center director at the link below.


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