Professor Iickho Song’s Textbook ‘Theory of Random Variables’ Selected as Ministry of Education’s ‘2020 Outstanding Academic Textbook’

The textbook ‘Theory of Random Variables’ published by our department’s Professor Iickho Song has been selected by the Ministry of Education and National Academy of Sciences (NAS) as ‘2020 Outstanding Academic Textbook’.
The ministry and NAS has selected 66 humanity, 96 social science, 36 Korean academic, and 73 natural science textbooks totaling 271.
3284 non-international first edition textbooks from 318 publishing companies were submitted from March 2019 to February 2020, and 271 were selected as of July 13.
The ministry annually selects textbooks from various academic fields and distributed them to universities for encouraging publishing and research activities.
The NAS will distribute 26 million KW worth of the selected textbooks in the 2nd half of 2020 after attending a survey on the demands for each university.
We once again congratulate for the selection of Professor Iickho Song’s textbook on “Theory of Random Variables’.