Professors Sang-Hyeon Kim & Yong-Hoon Kim & Kyoung-Sik Yu & June-Koo Rhee have been selected for the 2020 Samsung Future Technology Development Research Project

The research projects of Professors Sang-Hyeon Kim, Yong-Hoon Kim, Kyoung-Sik Yu, and June-Koo Rhee of our faculty were selected as support projects for the 2020 Samsung Future Technology Development Project. Projects from KAIST EE professors take one-third among the 12 projects in total.
Samsung Electronics plans to support 12.3 billion won by selecting 12 tasks such as next-generation semiconductor and quantum computing by Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project in 2020. The selected projects from the professors are as follows.

Research Area Project Name Research Director
Next-generation self-luminous display Ultra-low current driving ultra-high-resolution inorganic-based self-luminous display technology development Professor Sang-Hyeon Kim
Disruptive semiconductor structure and implementation technology Disruptive semiconductor device 1st-principles technology computational design methodology Professor Yong-Hoon Kim
Next-generation sensory media devices and processing technology Flexible spatial light modulator based on phase-changing material Professor Kyoung-Sik Yu
Source technology for practical use of quantum computing NISQ machine learning and source technology for quantum error mitigation Professor June-Koo Rhee

Samsung Electronics has been supporting future science and technology projects since 2014. They support fundamental science and information & communication technology fields every year in the first/latter half. Designated theme projects are submitted once a year, and the research projects related to future technology fields are supported that are nationally required.
Congratulations again to the selected professors.

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