A research team of Professors Song-Min Kim and Yung Yi developed IoT technology capable of ultra-low-power communication

e research team of Professors Song-Min Kim and Yung Yi succeeded in developing IoT technology that can communicate with ultra-low power. The news was reported to the leading media in Korea. The research was conducted in cooperation with Professor Ji-Hoon Ryoo, Department of Computer Science at the State University of New York State Korea.

Existing technology had a problem that the gateway power consumption is too large so that a wired power supply is needed. The research team tackled this problem through "backscattering technology." The "backscattering technology" does not directly generate the device's wireless signal, but transmits information by reflecting the radiated signal existing in the air. Therefore, it does not consume power to generate the wireless signal. Researchers have found that using the technology can significantly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. The technology expands the efficient connectivity of the Internet of Things. It is expected to be utilized in various fields in the future. Meanwhile, the results of this study were also presented at "ACM Mobisys 2020" held in Toronto, Canada in June.

We would like to applaud the achievements of Computer Division Professors Song-Min Kim and Yung Yi.

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