Professor Hyun-Myung’s research team developed a biomimetic mole robot for exploration of underground spaces

rofessor Hyun-Myung’s research team succeeded in developing a biomimetic mole robot (Mole-bot) to explore underground spaces. The research results have been reported in the leading domestic media, including YTN.
Professor Hyun-Myung’s lab has been accelerating research on various kinds of robot development, including the development of robots to repel jellyfish.
The developed Mole-bot is a biomimetic robot that can be effectively used for unmanned underground, extreme regions, and space exploration by imitating the mole’s biological structure and excavation habits.
Mole-bot was developed to explore the area where coal-fired methane gas that can be used as a new energy source by replacing existing energy sources such as petroleum and coal, or rare-earth used in electronic devices is buried. Furthermore, it can be used for soil sampling of space planets. 
The research team expects that the Mole-bot is likely to be used in various fields, and it is also possible to enter the world market thanks to its excellent economic efficiency.
The research has been conducted for three years since 2017, and the research team has published many papers in international journals and wined awards from international academic conferences.
This study was supported by the Industrial Technology Innovation Project of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.
Congratulations on Professor Hyun-Myung’s excellent research achievements, and we look forward to future successes.



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