Research by Professor Jong-Hwan Kim’s lab was reported in The Next Web 2019.10.0860

Research by Professor Jong-Hwan Kim’s lab on I-Keyboard was reported in overseas media.

The study was introduced in the “The Next Web” webpage under the heading “AI researchers developed a fully imaginary keyboard for touchscreens and VR”. Their research involves the development of machine learning technology that allows the users to type on the touchscreen without a keyboard. The research paper will be published on IEEE Trans. On Cybernetics (Impact Factor: 10.387).

For future work, Professor Jong-Hwan Kim’s lab is focusing on developing an imaginary keyboard that can recognize the user’s input even when typed in the air, starting from any random point. They are also planning to apply this technology to smartphones. With further development and better touch interfaces, the team believes that I-Keyboard could be improved to become a fully virtual replacement for physical keyboards.

Congratulations on the excellent achievement by Professor Jong-Hwan Kim’s lab! We wish you the utmost success in your future research. Please refer to the link below for more details.



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