Research team of Professor Hyunchul Shim won the 3rd place in the AlphaPilot Orlando Race final of Lockheed Martin

The research team of Professor Hyunchul Shim accomplished the 3rd place in the final of AlphaPilot Orlando Race held by Lockheed Martin on last Dec. 6th.

Lockheed Martin held AlphaPilot Orlando Race at the beginning of this year and awarded a million USD (1.2 billion KRW) to the race winner-drone which cruises fast on the intricate course. Over 420 teams challenged to participate in the final of the race, but only nine teams were selected for the final.

The research team of Prof. Shim was chosen confidently for the final as one of the nine teams among 420 teams who attended last April.

A drone race is already popular enough to be shown live by such as ESPN in the US. A participant wears a first-person view (FPV) goggle, which shows the real-time image transferred from the camera on the drone, for control.

Congratulations to Prof. Shim and his research team for the great accomplishment against distinguished teams.

Information related to the race and detail can be found through the link below.



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