Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na Wins Grand Award for 4th Financial Security Paper Competition

Our department’s Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na from professor Seungwon Shin’s lab has achieved the grand award form the 4th Financial Security paper competition.

The 4th Financial Security paper competition and financial big-data idea competition awards ceremony was held last September 2nd at the Yeouido financial security education center.

A total of 38 papers were accepted and 7 of them were selected for their excellence.

The grand award (Head of Financial Council Award) was given to Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na’s team with the paper titled as "Research on United Learning Techniques for Guaranteeing Privacy” which proposes an AI based security scheme.

Ph.D candidate Hyeonggwon Hong’s team from the AI Graduate school professor Junmo Kim’s lab also participated in the paper competition, and due to COVID-19 Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na attended the awarding ceremony as the student representative.

A total of 7 million KW was rewarded to Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na’s team.

We once again congratulate Ph.D Candidate Seung Ho Na for the achievement on founding a new perspective on financial security.

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