Professor Hyun Myung has been selected as the 2020 Korean Robotics Society Special Award (KRI Award) recipient

Professor Hyun Myung of our faculty has been selected as a recipient of the 2020 Korean Society of Robotics Special Award (KRI Award). The awards ceremony was held at the 2020 regular general meeting of the Korean Society of Robotics, held online on December 4th.

The KRI (KROS Robotics Innovation) Award was newly established by the Korean Robotics Society last year to encourage researchers who made innovative achievements in the field of robotics and achieve development in related fields. Professor Hyun Myung and Professor Kyu-Jin Cho of Seoul National University were selected as the winners of the year. Professor Hyun Myung received the award because he contributed significantly to the development of robot technology by accomplishing innovative achievements in the field of robotics, such as autonomous navigation technology for robots in various environments such as ground, underwater, and underground, and technology for robots working in an extreme environment.

Especially this summer, the underground exploration robot (Mole-bot) developed by Professor Hyun Myung’s research team attracted the attention of leading domestic and international media. Click the link below to see the relevant research results published in the KAIST Biannual Engineering Research Webzine 2020 Fall issue.

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