Professor Joung-Ho Kim has been selected as a speaker of EBS Class e (artificial intelligence, semiconductor, and digital innovation

Professor Joung-Ho Kim from our faculty will appear in EBS Class e to give lectures starting this afternoon. We ask for your interest and support. The subject of the lecture is 'Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductor, and Digital Innovation'.

It will be broadcasted 13 times starting from today to the 30th, excluding weekends.

This lecture is intended to introduce key technologies and issues of the 4th industrial revolution at the general public level. In particular, the lecture explains digital transformation technologies expressed in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, intelligent semiconductors, 5G, etc., in an easy and fun way and introduces its impact to society, economy, and industry. Specifically, it discusses the new industries, jobs, and ethics issues that digital transformation technologies bring. Finally, it presents the conditions and education of talented people who will lead them.


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