Professor Hyunchul Shim’s Lab Wins the MSIT AI Grand Challenge Competition 2 Years in a Row

Our department’s professor Hyunchul Shim’s lab has won the MSIT AI Grand Challenge Competition Control Intelligence Part for the 2nd year in a row.

This year’s competition was based on how AI can solve various problems that will emerge from the AI based future. The challenge was to set an idea about how to use AI for responding to people’s life in various areas and social issues.

Composed of 4 major areas, professor Shim’s team applied to track 4, where a total of 5 teams applied. Professor Shim’s team used the idea of how to safely use drones to deliver supplies and goods to people.

Winning for the 2nd year in a row, Professor Shim’s team used only 100% self developed technologies (accurate positioning, high speed flight control) for the competition. Winning the competition again this year, the group will be funded a total of 2.4 billion KW which is similar to the DARPA challenge award prize. Along with the development of AI, professor Shim said that his team will further develop inside drone flight, unmanned civilian aircraft, autonomous vehicles, delivery robots and other vehicle related AI technologies.

Once again we congratulate professor Shim’s team for the reward.

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