Designing and Optimizing Storage Systems in the Era of Extreme Heterogeneity

  • Subject
    Designing and Optimizing Storage Systems in the Era of Extreme Heterogeneity
  • Date
    September 24 (Fri),2021/ 10:30AM
  • Speaker
    Changwoo Min, Assistant Professor, The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • Place

Storage system is a critical infrastructure sustaining today's computerized
world. A huge amount of data is being produced, stored, and processed every day
with the relentless evolution of AI/ML, Cloud computing, and IoT. To address
the growing demand from the emerging application domains, storage hardware
becomes extremely heterogeneous, providing various performance, cost, and
endurance tradeoffs. The challenge is not limited to storing data but to
process and manage it faster and cost-effectively. However, the current storage
system cannot keep up with such rapid evolution in the storage hardware and the
demands from emerging application domains. This talk will present my recent
works on how storage systems should be re-designed to fully exploit such
storage heterogeneity, especially SSD, byte-addressable NVRAM, and
computational storage. Then I will finally discuss future research directions
on storage systems in the era of extreme heterogeneity.


Changwoo Min is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. Changwoo Min’s research interests fall
into the broad area of computer systems, including operating systems, storage
systems, distributed systems, and systems security. His research particularly
focused on cross-layer work of developing software solutions by leveraging
emerging new hardware technologies. He leads the COSMOSS (COmputer Systems,
Memory, and OS Security) Lab at Virginia Tech. Before joining Virginia Tech at
2017, he was a research scientist in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of
Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree from Sungkyunkwan University in 2014.
Before starting his Ph.D., he developed various software products including
Linux-based mobile platform (Tizen), Java virtual machine (J9), and desktop
operating system (OS/2) in Samsung Electronics and IBM.

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