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EE-X initiative
"Promoting Next-generation Convergence Reserach"

The next-generation research will be led by convergence with various fields of study. We are interested in discovering new innovative engineering products as well as new scientific findings by applying core EE technologies to multiple fields of study, including biomedical, robotics, and IoT.

Many of our faculty members are already actively involved in interdisciplinary research and contributing to the field through both academic and industrial breakthroughs. Faculty involved in interdisciplinary research have prepared a 15-min lecture on their core research results along with a short clip of video to introduce their labs.

In addition, we have invited world-renowned researchers in each of the dedicated topics over two-day seminar series. In this seminar series, we not only hear about the state-of-the-art research but also discuss the future direction of this field in an exciting panel discussion.

Biomedical in EE | Lab Introductions and Technical Talks by KAIST EE Faculty Members
Biomedical in EE | Global Seminar Series
  • July 14th 2021 (Day 1)
    • Prof. Stephanie Lacour (EPFL)
      Prof. Stephanie Lacour (EPFL)

      e.g. Thin-films, Microfabrication, and

    • Dr. Jean-Francois Aubry (CNRS)
      Dr. Jean-Francois Aubry (CNRS)

      Deep brain transcranial ultrasound

    • Prof. Malte Gather (University of Cologne)
      Prof. Malte Gather (University of Cologne)

      Organic LEDs as technology platform for
      high density all-optical neura interfaces

  • July 15th 2021 (Day 2)
    • Prof. Deblina Sarkar (MIT)
      Prof. Deblina Sarkar (MIT)

      From green electronics to gray mater

    • Prof. Gert Cauwenberghs (UCSD)
      Prof. Gert Cauwenberghs (UCSD)

      High-eficiency integrated bioelectronics
      for unobtrusive electrophysiology and

    • Prof. Azita Emami (Caltech)
      Prof. Azita Emami (Caltech)

      Advanced medical devices for sensing
      and navigation

Robotics in EE | Global Seminar Series
  • Nov 18th 2021 (Day 1)
    • Prof. Marco Hutter (ETH)
      Prof. Marco Hutter (ETH)

      How legged robots revolutionize mobile robotic applications

    • Prof. Antonio Franchi (U of Twente)
      Prof. Antonio Franchi (U of Twente)

      Design and control of unconventional aerial multirotor systems for physical contact and manipulation

    • Prof. Anibal Ollero (U of Seville)
      Prof. Anibal Ollero (U of Seville)

      Intelligent aerial manipulation and bioinspired aerial robots

  • Nov 19th 2021 (Day 2)
    • Prof. Sham M. Kakade (Harvard)
      Prof. Sham M. Kakade (Harvard)

      The provable effectiveness of policy gradient methods in reinforcement learning and controls

    • Prof. Evangelos Theodoros (Georgia Tech)
      Prof. Evangelos Theodoros (Georgia Tech)

      From deep learning to decision-making architectures and backwards: A two-way relationship

    • Prof. Marco Pavone (Stanford)
      Prof. Marco Pavone (Stanford)

      Safe, interaction-aware decision making and control for robot autonomy