Development of Mobile Data Offloading Platform

Collaborative research by Prof. Kyoungsoo Park, Prof. Yung Yi, and Prof. Song Chong received wide coverage in major media outlets in Korea. Their research is on the development of cellular data offloading platform. It has recently been accepted to ACM MobiSys 2015 (AR=13.2 %), one of the major international conferences in the fields of mobile systems, and is to be presented in May.

[Research Abstract]

A novel mobile network platform has been developed, which can maximize opportunistic Wi-Fi network usage when downloading contents using smart mobile devices.

Even though the number of Wi-Fi available spots has increased, once the user leaves the coverage of a specific Wi-Fi access point (AP), he/she has to manually connect to other available APs. However, using the new platform they proposed, the devices can automatically handle re-scanning of APs and thus maximize the Wi-Fi network usage. Furthermore, they developed a technology that allows “download reservation” with a user-specified deadline. Using this technology, the content is made ready by the time the user specifies, using minimum cellular traffic via flexible control between opportunistic Wi-Fi and cellular network usage.

Original upload date : 2015/04/24

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