Applied Materials Korea Inc. (AMK) Recruits New or Experienced Employees

Applied Materials Korea (AMK) is Korean corporate of Applied Materials which is world's largest semiconductor information infrastructure comany and provided outstanding equipments for last 10 years which helped Korea greatly to be the world's semiconductor-strong country. We are recruiting new or experienced employees who can support world-leading Korea's semiconductor industry.

* Employment Area: Hardware/Process Engineer, Factory Automation Engineer, Spares Planner
* Employ Category: New (Entry level) or Experienced
* Number of Employees: 0
* Qualification: <New>
- Student who graduates on Feb. 2006, or student who has already graduated.
- Hardware/Process Engineer: Experience in Semiconductor Process and Equipments
- Spares Planner: Experience in Materials/Resources Planning, Buying and Order Administration
- Hardware(Customer)/Process Engineer: Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engneering, and other semiconductor related engineering.
- Factory Automation: Electronics, Computer, Control and Instrumentation, and Physics prefered.
- Spares Planner: Management, Commerce, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science prefered.
- Student with Bachelor Degree (Equivalent to 4-year undergraduate completion)
- No sexual discrimination
- In case of male applicant, only student who finished their military duty or is exempted from the duty (No special military service).
- Should not have problem in overseas traveling or overseas work.
- TOEIC Score of 700(In case of Factory Automation Engineer: 800) and above or other equivalent test score.
- Student who is the subject of National Compensation will be specially treated due to the law.

* Application Process: Go to website of Applied Materials and download the application form (MS Excel file) and send it via E-mail
E-mail :
* Additional Information: Explanation and how to apply is located at the company website.
( Opportunity/입사지원)
* Due Date: Nov. 21 (Mon)
* Any questions: E-mail:

* Corporate Overview

Applied Materials Korea (AMK) is Korean corporate of Applied Materials which is world's largest semiconductor equipment Comany. APPLIED MATERIALS is world's largest international semiconductor information infrastructure company; it has its headquarter in Silicon Valley, California and regional corporate in 14 countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. APPLIED MATERIALS led the technology renovation in semiconductor information infrastructure ever since its establishment on 1967 and is currently supporting the information age.

Last year 2000, our sales in the world reached more than $10 billion, and sales in 2003 was $4.5 billion. Our world market share has been increasing ever since we became 1st in year 1992. It is top 8 company for its profit share for 10 years of 90's era. It has been ranked as the 500 Companies of Fortune Magazine ever since 1990. (
AMK was established in 1989 and was promoted to be regional corporate on 1989. We are providing infomation infrastructure to Samsung Electronics, Hynix Semicondutors, Anam Conductors, Dongbu Electrocnis, etc. Headquarter is located in Chun-an, and there is office of engineers in Suwon, I-cheon, and Cheong-ju. Domestic market share is 1st in the country, and sales in 2004 was more than $700 million. Currently (Nov. 2005), 320 employees are working.

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