IBM Research: Internships and full-time positions

IBM looking for summer interns in datacenter networking and full time candidates in the area of cloud (broadly defined). This might be of interest to graduate students (not for undergraduates). 

"We are looking for candidates for multiple summer internship positions. Candidates should be interested in investigating and developing new cloud infrastructure technologies, with a particular focus on a) next generation container services, b) data center network design or c) data center power management. On the container front, we are investigating IaaS platforms that do not employ VMs, but rather give containers the kind of performance, reliability, and flexibility. This opens numerous systems research opportunities in resource accounting/control/isolation, networking, storage, and system management. On the networking front, we are exploring technologies and topologies that enable the cost-effective deployment of high bandwidth, low (tail) latency, robust data center networks that scale to tens of thousands of servers. Work in data center power management will look at the development of an architecture and controllers to manage data center level power consumption (and lowering of power infrastructure cost) by leveraging and managing server-level power management capabilities such as server power capping.

The Intern will work in interdisciplinary teams and have the opportunity to design, build, deploy, and study functional systems implementing their technology. Creative thinking and the ability to work in a team environment are key. Applicants who have implemented substantial projects in their area(s) of expertise are preferred."

If you're interested please send your CV to Eric J Rozner <>.

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